Time Frame for Target Price

I would like to say there is no idea when will reach the target price such as 423.60%. Please read below why impossible to expecte.

One wave can create each Fibo extension levels from 0% to 423.60%. Each level has own support or resistance. This means XY coordinate. But other main concern is force for up and down, this called Z. Unfortunately we do not know this Z. Stock movement will react at each Fibo extension levels. For example, in case of uptrend, stock will touch 161.80% level and wait there. If Z force uptrend is bigger then downtrend, this will go to next hight 261.80%. On the contrary if downtrend force is bigger than uptrend, stock price will pull back to below 61.80% level. That’s why we do not know what is the time line to reach target price 423.60%.

Below image is example of Walt Disney. 1st wave had create from 2009 to 2011 and its target price 423.60% per Fibo extension is 152 and touched this price on Dec 2019 and then falling down.

Next example is Intel. Not reached target price 70/423.06 yet. But this can be reached in the future.

Another stock price movement factor is speed T. The role of T is making stock speed more faster or slower to touch the target point on time. I can observe this situation because I already set up Fibo levels and just watching price move. I found some stocks will jump high to meet 423.60% high level. And then they will start to down. On the contrary, it means down trend, price falling so fast to touch the real bottom like 61.80% level. And this will show rebouncing.

In conclusion, stock price movement has been affected by XY(support or resistance level), Z(up or down force), and T(Speed). This can produce huge number of cases. That is why expecting time line to reach target price is impossible job. One sure thing I can say is when some major stocks touch the target level, that time is the sign of change direction.

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