Time Frame for Target Price

I would like to say there is no idea when will reach the target price such as 423.60%. Please read below why impossible to expecte.

One wave can create each Fibo extension levels from 0% to 423.60%. Each level has own support or resistance. This means XY coordinate. But other main concern is force for up and down, this called Z. Unfortunately we do not know this Z. Stock movement will react at each Fibo extension levels. For example, in case of uptrend, stock will touch 161.80% level and wait there. If Z force uptrend is bigger then downtrend, this will go to next hight 261.80%. On the contrary if downtrend force is bigger than uptrend, stock price will pull back to below 61.80% level. That’s why we do not know what is the time line to reach target price 423.60%.

Below image is example of Walt Disney. 1st wave had create from 2009 to 2011 and its target price 423.60% per Fibo extension is 152 and touched this price on Dec 2019 and then falling down.

Next example is Intel. Not reached target price 70/423.06 yet. But this can be reached in the future.

Another stock price movement factor is speed T. The role of T is making stock speed more faster or slower to touch the target point on time. I can observe this situation because I already set up Fibo levels and just watching price move. I found some stocks will jump high to meet 423.60% high level. And then they will start to down. On the contrary, it means down trend, price falling so fast to touch the real bottom like 61.80% level. And this will show rebouncing.

In conclusion, stock price movement has been affected by XY(support or resistance level), Z(up or down force), and T(Speed). This can produce huge number of cases. That is why expecting time line to reach target price is impossible job. One sure thing I can say is when some major stocks touch the target level, that time is the sign of change direction.

Fibo6180 Wave Theory

One wave(S-H-M) will create multiple levels using Fibo extensions.
Max number of wave is 423.60% and best entry point is 61.80%. Buy low at 61.80% and sell high at 423.60%.
Stock price increase means go above each level. 0% => 61.80% => 161.80% => 261.80% => 423.60%.

Each level works for resistance in case of stock price is going up or support in case of price drop.

The stock rise develops through this uptrend 1-2-3 form. And 61.80% level always appears at each S,1,2,3 point area.

Example of uptrend 1-2-3 waves. Thus, such a uptrend 1-2-3 waves is rarely seen in a downward trend.

When go over 61.80% of 3rd upwave, the price will be likely to reach 423.60% of 1st upwave.

Uptrend 1-2-3 waves can be shown in long term time period.

The Fibonacci fan line plays the most important role on the stock chart. The Fibonacci extension level plays a role in resistance and support, but in addition, the Fibonacci fan line is involved in the direction of upward and downward.

This is the video example of how to draw fibo fan lines.

1st Fibo fan line. I can call this as slingshot pattern. Once this pattern created, I can expect this will be likely to go up.

2nd Fibo fan line

3rd Fibo fan line

SMA 200 curves. One of the conditions of a downward trend to upward is that stock price must pass SMA 200 curve at an almost horizontal angle.

The best entry point is the cross up area of Fibo 0.786 fan line and 61.80% level. As long as stock price is going up, we will see many of this.

Entry point Ex 1. Slingshot pattern created. Touched 0.786 fan line and bounced up.

Entry point Ex 2.

Entry point Ex 3.

3 steps up and step down

There are 4 ideal stock wave conditions and related points to enter in at the chart bottom.
1) 61.80% of 1st upwave. 25 pts
2) Slingshot pattern created. Touched 0.786 fan line and bounced up. 25 pts
3) Uptrend 1-2 waves or 1-2-3 waves. 25 pts
4) Go above SMA 200 curve. 25 pts.

Sum up each 25 pts and if you get 75 pts or 100 pts, that time is the time to buy.

I am using 15 min chart to find ideal entry point for long time price down such as more than 3 weeks. Once upward trend formed after hit the bottom, switch 5 min chart to find cross up point located at 61.80% level.

Fibonacci 6180 technique Overview


From 2015 to 2018, I was a stock day trader but not successful in making money. Because, as you know well, we do not know where can be support levels in case of price falling or resistance levels in case of price rising in the chart. My main concern is why stock is going down or up after hit the specific level. I spent unlimited hours to research this issue. Of course, this is the curious topic that most trader want to figure it out. In 2018 I found very interesting rules existed in stock chart. One stock wave can create Fibonacci levels from low at 61.80% and high at 423.60% using Fibonacci extension tool. This means if you buy stock at 61.80% level, best way is to hold and sell high at 423.60% level.

The method I figured out is kind of new analysis and many traders asked me any references in internet or book. Actually all knowledge are gathered here at www.fibonacci6180.com and I am willing to share this knowledge to any one who has interesting. The method I want to deliver can be realized by existing charting tool. I am here mainly use tradingview.com and TOS(thinkorswim) to create chart analysis. I would like to say you can read the chart with great confidence and fun mind because you already know the future of top or bottom from the current price move.

You will learn

Tradingview.com Fibonacci setup
Create Fibo extension levels from 0%(floor) to 423.60%(ceiling)
Create Fibo fan lines which can help price projection
How to find the top or bottom price in the future
How to find the Ideal point for entry or exit at all stages
What Fibo fan lines slingshot pattern means for
Important of continuous uptrend 1-2-3 waves
What are sufficient conditions from down to up swing
How to use SMA 200 curves

Read below priceless trading strategy I have developed. You can learn the basic theory of stock wave and find top or bottom point on the stock chart.

Good for who?

– Day trader for short term. Time frame 1 min. – 15 min
– Swing trader for mid term. Time frame 5 min. – 60 min
– Position trader for long term. Time frame 60 min. – 2 days
Fibo6180 technique can apply to all types of trading.

Where is the highest point of US stock market

I am researching follow tickers to find the top or bottom point of US stock market index. I have founded very interesting fact that if 20% of stocks listed as below touch the highest point such as 423.60%, S&P 500 index will go down. On the contrary, if 20% of stocks touch the lowest point such as floor level, S&P 500 will go up. This is the Pareto law. So my main job is to keep monitoring these 80 tickers if they reach their highest and lowest points. Also I researched many more stocks to get more accuracy in finding top and bottom point. When Pareto rule established, I am sending a signal for buy or sell. I am a swing trader for hunting Nasdaq futures and this kind of buy or sell signal happening in 3-5 times in a year. So far, by using Fibonacci 6180 method, I have successfully founded top and bottom point in US stock market since 2018.

– S&P 500 FUTURE
– S&P 500 SPY




BLUE CHIPs -about 50 tickers including
– Apple (AAPL)
– Amazon.com (AMZN)
– Facebook (FB)
– Microsoft(MSFT)
– Netflix(NFLX)
– Berkshire Hathaway (BBRK.B)
– Alphabet Inc- A shares (GOOGL)
– Citi Group (C)
– JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM)
– Bank of America (BAC)
– Wells Fargo (WFC)
– Goldman Sachs (GS)
– Walt Disney Company (DIS)
– Verizon Communications (VZ)
– Comcast Corp.- A shares (CMCSA)
– AT&T (T)
– Nvidia (NVDA)
– Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
– Qualcomm (QCOM)
– Intel (INTC)
– Micron Tech (MU)
– Broadcom (AVG)
– Salesforce (CRM)
– Visa Inc (V)
– Mastercard (MA)
– Walmart (WMT)
– Costco (COST)
– Coca-Cola Company (KO)
– PepsiCo (PEP)
– Procter & Gamble Company (PG)
– Home Depot (HD)
– Starbucks (SBUX)
– UnitedHealth Group (UNH)
– Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
– Merck & Co. (MRK)
– Pfizer (PFE)
– Chevron (CVX)
– Exxon Mobil (XOM)
– Tesla (TSLA)
– Fedex (FDX)
– Ford Motor (F)
– Delta Airline (DAL)
– American Airline (AAL)
– Southwest Airline (LUV)


All index, futures, ETFs, bluechips, Forex are working all together to point out market’s top or bottom.

Required YouTube videos

Before you learn Fibo6180 method, you have to watch carefully following videos.

– Tradingview.com set up https://youtu.be/pyrS1p6bkRI
– NASDAQ FUTURES CHART 0504 https://youtu.be/BXkd598beIc
– NASDAQ FUTURES CHART 0430 https://youtu.be/MyJxbT3wTvQ
– SPY CHART 0414 https://youtu.be/sbjQJxL6PW0
– NASDAQ FUTURES 0310 UPDATED https://youtu.be/DA9Fzi2rbk8
– Any other videos in my channel to check how I create Fibo levels and fan lines.


– ZOOM/Google Hangout/Skype – Communication each other. Please install on your phone. Not your desktop.
– Tradingview – Chart drawing tool, Paid PRO version, 30 days free trial. See below block for Fibonacci Analysis Setup
– Teamviewer – Mouse and keyboard remote control. Need your id and password to access tradingview.com chart and use mouse to point out.
– Ability to see and understand charts
– No need to have knowledge about tradingview. I will teach how I set up to draw Fibonacci analysis on the chart and mainly I will deliver the more that 1 million worth knowhow how you can see the chart to get the great idea in buy or sell side.
– If you are a user of TOS(ThinkorSwim), you can use my charting skill. Please use Paper money mode to see together.



If you are interesting, leave your message or email at eblic71@gmail.com. I will reply back next step.
Please advise
1) Years of trading.
2) your interesting 5-7 symbols to be discussed. After lecture, you can get a great view in reading a chart.
3) What trading type : Day, Swing, or Long term.

Service fee
– $150/1.5hr

After lesson

Once you finish the lesson, you need to practice the drawing to make your own. Just email me or publish your work at stocktwits.com for my review. I will gladly to deliver my advise. This review work is free.

In conclusion

  • Find the bottom of stock market index using Pareto rule I explained in this contents
  • Enter in at the very early stage like 61.80% when you see 4 upswing conditions. Generally you can see the cross up point with Fibo fan line slingshot and 61.80% level. This is somewhat safe enter strategy. Or you can try at the support level which means a real floor price. This is high risk and high return strategy.
  • Hold until price go up to the top at 423.60% and sell.
  • At the top, using Pareto rule also, you can also find the topped index of stock market.
  • You missed the enter at early stage and want to buy in the middle of progressing, please wait to see the cross up point created and buy once such condition made. See below example. This stock will down to touch the circled area 61.80% and then will bounce up.

피보 새총 찾기

아래의 차트안에 피보 새총과 61.80%의 크로스 지점이 몇개 있는가를 찾기 입니다. 크로스 지점은 눌림목 진입점이 되겠습니다. 
롤러코스터가 정상 꼭대기를 향해서 진군중입니다. 

제가 찾은 것은 5개입니다.

이와 같이 올라가는 주가는 새총과 61.80%이 계속해서 생기게 됩니다. ^^;
분석 동영상입니다.

피보나치 6180 기법 분석 – 주가 파형의 기본 원리

상승 1파는 시작점에서 시작해서 파형의 정상 지점에서 종료가 됩니다. 시작점을 바닥점이라고 한다면 정상 지점은 시작점-고점-중간점을 피보 확장 레벨로 값을 구할때 423.60%이 됩니다.
주가는 파란색 우상향선처럼 시작점에서 바로 423.60%으로 쭉가는 경우는 극히 드물고, 61.80%, 261.80% 등등의 저항을 맞으면서 우상승을 하게 됩니다. 
주가가 상승하는 것은 바로 주가가 바로 다음 상위 피보나치 레벨로 넘어가는 과정이 되겠습니다. 
그리고 6개의 우상향선들은 피보나치 팬라인이라고 합니다. 이 팬라인셋은 상당히 중요합니다. 주가가 우상향시에 적절한 저항과 지지역할을 하게 됩니다. 

아래 차트에서 보이는 것은 피보나치 새총모형이 형성된것으로 시작점-고점-중간점을 피보나치 팬라인으로 연결하면 우상향 새총 모형이 딱 맞아떨어진 모습입니다.

상승파형은 시작점(저점)-고점-중간점의 반복이 됩니다.

다음의 차트는 미국 S&P 500 ETF 종목인 SPY의 주가 흐름이 됩니다. 피보나치 상위 레벨을 하나 하나씩 등정하는 모습을 볼 수가 있습니다. 

다음은 상승 1파가 최고점 423.60%에 도달한 차트입니다.

다음의 차트는 423.60% 저항에 재도전했다 실패 이후 3번째 도전을 위해 힘을 응축하는 형태가 되겠습니다. 종목은 비트코인입니다.

위 3개 차트처럼 시작점(저점)에서 423.60%을 도달하기 위한 형태는 수도 없이 많이 있습니다. 최초 상승파의 피보나치 확장 레벨을 통해서 최대값 423.60%의 가격을 알 수가 있습니다. 그리고 423.60%을 넘어서 계속 주가가 상승하는 것은 최초 상승파의 역할은 끝이 났고 그 다음 상승파가 갖고 있는 피보나치 레벨을 통해서 주가의 상승을 담당하게 됩니다. 
이것이 피보나치 확장 레벨 그리고 주가 파형의 기본 원리가 되겠습니다.  간단합니다/