Swing Trade – Sell at 423.60%

  1. Check fibo extension levels : 61.80% ~ 423.60%
  2. Draw fibo fan line connected low(begin) to next low(middle), 0%. * Ideal angle of fibo base line, green colored line in this image, is 8 degree.
  3. Once reached 423.60% and topped fibo fan line, blue dotted line in this image, need to sell immediately.

swing trade

Swing trade to enter and exit

The stock has continued to decline for a long time, but it starts to rebound.  Now explain the safe way to ride the rebound.

  1. Check 61.80% creation
  2. Draw fibonacci fan lines to connect low(begin) to next low(middle), 0%
  3. Check bounced up from topped fibo fan line. ** Bouncing can occur at other fibo fan lines other than the top line.
  4. Check golden SMAs cross up. SMA20 curve(Blue) crossed up over SMA100(Green)
  5. Profit cut is based on the Fibonacci fan line which bounce up occurred. That is, if the stock price drops below the related fan line, it will be sold.


swing trade